Pre Primary

At TPF we believe in nurturing childhood development in a fun, friendly and safe environment whilst enhancing their confidence, coordination, communication, musicality and imagination.

During the 1 hour baby class we combine ballet, tap and modern genres and split them into three 20 minute sections, allowing an upbeat fast pace class that will ensure full concentrate for the hour.

Baby Ballet takes your child on a weekly journey using basic ballet vocabulary developed through storytelling. We encourage them explore their imagination using small props & storytelling. The ISTD Pre-Primary and Primary ballet syllabus is where they start to work towards the ISTD examinations.

Baby tap is an introduction to movement and music whilst developing fine motor skills and musicality through rhythm, imagination & storytelling. The Pre Primary Tap class is structured to carefully to allow children to develop strength and co-ordination. The ISTD Primary Tap syllabus is where they will start to work towards the ISTD examinations.

Baby modern is a fun way to introduce technique, strength, co-ordination, flexibility and performance. Each week we learn new exercises that combine dance and story telling using age appropriate music.