How to Enrol

The Performance Factory offers a four week trial to all new students. We find that four weeks is enough time for students to settle into a class and find out what the school has to offer to them.

What to do next?

Simply choose the class or classes from our website that you wish to attend, click on THIS LINK to download our Enrolment Form, fill it out and bring it along with payment to the class of your choice. (Prices and payment details can be found under the LOCATIONS section of the website) Please note: If you cannot download our enrolment form for whatever reason, please message us at info@theperformancefactorywales.com and we will be happy to email one. 

It couldn't be easier! Finally send us a short email so we know to expect you (info@theperformancefactorywales.com) We look forward to meeting you.

Terms and Conditions

To enrol for The Performance Factory Dance School please read our terms and conditions


Payment Options

 Option 1: Fees can be paid in full on or before the first day of term.

 Option 2: The term fee can be split into 3 manageable payments and must be paid on week 1, 5 and 9 of each term.

* Payment may be made in the form of cash or cheque to the office, or alternatively by bank transfer or card payment. (Please note if you would like to pay fees via bank transfer please contact the office for our bank details).*Please note there is a 50p charge on all card payments* 

* If paying the class tutor for costumes or extra classes out side of the normal time table, all payments are to be placed in a sealed envelope with the students name and class clearly written on it. Payment is to be given at the start of a session. 

* Please note: Fees are non refundable or transferable. 



1  The Dance School encourages 100% commitment. We like our students to attend on a regular basis.

2  The Performance Factory must be informed of a child's absence. This can be done via telephone, or email to the office.

3  The Performance Factory office must be informed of a child/parents decision to leave the school. We would also ask if you could give a reason for this.

If a student has been absent for three weeks and the Dance School has not been informed the child's place at the School will be forfeited.



At all times, TPF students will have respect for their tutors, supervisors and all premises used by the Dance School. In return, our tutors and supervisors will have respect for all students. Persistent bad behavior will not be tolerated and may result in a child being asked to leave the school.

4  Students must always be on time for classes and rehearsals. We work on a tight schedule and it is very important that we are able to start on time.

5  Our classes are held in a professional working environment, and we must respect this at all times. Please keep the noise level down on entering and leaving the building. There are always members of the public around.

6  All mobile phones must be switched off during classes.

7  Chewing gum is not allowed in any class, rehearsal or show.

Please provide your child with water to keep them hydrated through classes and rehearsals. No fizzy drinks in cans will be allowed in the rehearsal space.



8  All student belongings, including uniform should be clearly marked with their name.

The Performance Factory will not be held responsible for the loss or damage to personal belongings.



9  The Performance Factory uniform must be worn to class every week. The uniform consists of a Dance School t-shirt, Dance bottoms and dance shoes. Uniforms must be purchased with in a month of being at the school. The uniform is great way of advertising TPF. Please visit the uniform section of the website to place your order.

All students must remove jewellery before entering a class. Unsuitable clothing could result in a student being asked to sit out of class.



10          All Dance School tutors are in receipt of a full CRB check.

11          The Performance Factory is in possession of public liability insurance.

12          The Dance school holds an accident logbook to record any incidents or injuries to students or tutors.

13          All tutors are suitably experienced and qualified to teach young people.

14          TPF students will not be allowed to leave the school premise unless a parent or guardian accompanies them. Written consent must be given of other arrangements.

15          Tutors will avoid any unnecessary physical contact with students. However parents need to understand that contact is sometimes required.

16          The Performance Factory reserves the right to discharge any student who disrupts classes on a regular basis. Anti-social behavior will not be tolerated.

The Performance Factory is in procession of a Child Protection Policy.


Contact the office on 01792 701570 to enrol over the phone: office hours 9-5pm Mon-Fri