The Performance Factory classes run along side school term times. We have an Autumn, Spring and Summer term, all of which range from 10-14 weeks weeks long.

Class New Starter 4 week trial Term Fee 12 Weeks
Pre Primary / Primary   £16 £48
Grade 1 Ballet £12 £36
Grade 1 Modern £12 £36
Grade 1 Tap  £12 £36
Grade 2 Modern £12 £36
Grade 2 Tap £12 £36
Grade 2 Ballet £12 £36
Grade 3 Modern £16 £48
Grade 3 Tap £16 £48
Grade 3 Ballet  £16 £48
Grade 4 Ballet £18 £54
Grade 4 Modern £18 £54
Grade 5 Tao £18 £54

Payment Options

 Option 1: Fees can be paid in full before or on the first day of term.

 Option 2: The term fee can be split into 3 manageable payments and must be paid on the designated weeks of the term.

* Payment may be made in the form of cash or cheque to the class teacher or alternatively by bank transfer. (Please note if you would like to pay fees via bank transfer please contact the office for our bank details). 

* If paying the class tutor, the exact payment is to be placed in a sealed envelope with the students name and class clearly written on it. Payment is to be given at the start of a session. No change will be given. 

* Please note: Fees are non refundable or transferable. 

*Late fee charge is £5 and will be added onto the term/installment fees if fees are not paid on time. 

Payment 1          

Week commencing 8th January         
Payment 2 Week commencing 5th February  
Payment 3 Week commencing 5th March